Here you find an excerpt of my videos.

Light and Colours in Urban Spaces

Paris, France, 2011

These montages were developed for the Master course – Philomedia - at ENSA Paris la Villette. Philomedia stands for the pleasure and passion for creating narrative and visual spatial experience. As a student I was working with architectural space in Paris at Porte de Versailles. The space was to be recorded through cinematic means. Architectural experiences are unstable and personal, and as such, fits well into the modes of expression of video and film. The work consisted of collecting the video material and images, the fabrication of filmic sequences and the narrative montage towards a short piece presented in DVD‐VIDEO format.

My short videos are an expression of movement and of colours of this unique architecture space. I intended to show that the game of light creates spectacular effects and has great impact on the urban and architectural experience.

The Frontier

Lodz, Poland, 2010

'Famuly' at Lodz, the workers houses, are typical industrial buildings, which where once one of the most important parts of the XIX century factories. Unfortunately today, those spaces are neglected. This situation emerges very often when the regeneration project are concentrated on the most profitable part of the unite – the factories, which are destined to be public. The residential areas of those old complexes, being less profitable, are omitted in the general development.

In my documentary project for the master course at ENSA Paris La Villette, I concentrated on the particular situation of one of the Polish factories in Lodz near Ogrodowa Street. This significant factory building of the XIX century was one of the most profitable in the country till 1972. After it closed its gates to reopen as a public city centre 'Manufactura' in 2005. The project is a great success.

If we cross the street, just in front of the facade of the 4 star 'Manufactura' hotel, we find very a different image of an old and poor residential area – before, factory workers home. In my film I focus on this area – its urban and architectural situation.

UNESCO Workshop

Udaipur, India, 2013

Udaipur, a historical architectural marvel and touristic city, known all over the world for its extraordinary landscape of lakes and hills, its marble palaces and its fortified Rajput city, Udaipur is one of the major tourist destinations in Rajasthan, along with Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Indian and international tourism have had a great impact on the recent development of Udaipur. This renewal, trying to address recent tourist needs, does not always take into account what is 'already there' and its quality and/or fragility. The dynamic of tourism transforms the city but does not necessarily leads to the improvement of Rajput's urban architecture nor the resident's quality of life.

In February 2012, BVCOA and ENSAPLV have organized an exhibition of the 2 weeks in Udaipur about the student's work in Udaipur Urban and Architectural Heritage Walks. This event has introduced an experts workshop with UNESCO, the state of Rajasthan, the Municipality of Udaipur, the Mawar foundation and others city players.

My video and project – that you can also find in my Portfolio – have been exhibited there. The video is an outcome of a 2 weeks campaign in the City of Udaipur, in cooperation with 2 students from Navi Mumbai. Our approach was to find the immaterial heritage of Udaipur: the tradition of craft.

Bricolage Urbaine

Paris, France, 2010

This short film was made for a project during my second year of masters. I was supposed to find an example of urban 'do-it-yourself' activities in the city of Paris and propose a solution to the problem. I decided to make a one minute video about 'Pinki', a homeless woman living under the bridge near ENSA Paris la Villette.

Paris, France
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