Following my diploma, I looked for an agency willing to uncover all the secrets of project management. I was employed for 7 months at SUPD’AD (Société d’Urbanisme, de Paysage et d’Architecture Durable) where I was observing the daily whereabouts of a French agency. I had also the opportunity to assist the creation of two big housing projects. I was responsible for the documentation of building permits for both projects. I also followed the construction site of Pôle Culturel (Cultural Center) in Plessis Robinson, France.

This experience let me as well discover my deep interest in project management and communication skills. Thanks to the time spent at SUPD’AD I started my research studies at ENSA Paris La Villette in 2015.

Ateliers Jean Nouvel

After gaining 5 months of professional experience at Groupe Arcade, I continued to work for 6 months at Atelier Jean Nouvel.

This extraordinary experience was extremely important for me for several reasons. First of all, I met great architects that had the time and patience to show me how to excel as an architect. I learned from the experiences of the architects from all around the world.

This multicultural atmosphere opened my mind for different cultures and let me cope better with stressful social situations. Most importantly, I understood better the meaning of proper 'team work' and gained many communication skills (listening, negotiating, problem solving and, last but not least, dealing with criticism... The latter was not easy, believe me ;)). Being able to communicate effectively is the most important life skills of all and is crucial in architecture practice.

Furthermore, I had the opportunity to work on large scale projects, such as Hôtel de Police in Charleroi. This was a unique experience for the young architect I was. I am still grateful for this opportunity at Jean Nouvel's and continue to cultivate my acquired skills.

Let’s look at samples of my work from Atelier Jean Nouvel!

Groupe Arcade

After my engineering and architecture bachelor diploma in Lodz, Poland, I decided to take a year off to acquire professional experience and confront my theoretical knowledge, gained at the university, with practical work.

I arrived in France in July 2011 on a multiple-month Erasmus - - scholarship (if you look through my other work experiences, you will notice that I stayed in Paris afterwards). I had an opportunity to work at one of the biggest developer groups in France. I worked there as an architect assistant. My project manager was in charge of finding and evaluating the capacity of new terrains for future residential constructions. I was delegated to design the maximum possible envelope of the possible buildings on the terrains of interest – including all the obstacles, e.g., urban and architecture regulations.


I prepared a complete building permit of an individual house for a private client. I had the opportunity to collaborate with engineers and, thanks to all detailed explications given by the agency's manager, I could understand fully all the details and plans.

AGD - Architectura Grafica Design

AGD was founded in 1994 and is currently one of the leading architecture practices in the North East of Romania. I went there on a 2 months IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience - scholarship. This was my first independent, international experience. I have great memories from this experience, not only from an architectural apprentice point of view but also from an adventure side.

But let's talk about architecture. When I came to AGD I finished only my 2nd year of architecture. Let’s be clear – I had no idea what I was doing! However, the architects at AGD had great patients and willingness to teach me about architecture. I extended my skill in AutoCAD and 3DsMax. At the end of the training I could add two concepts of individual housing in my portfolio.

Paris, France
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